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SCCA provides a portfolio management outsourcing solution for advisors that is an attractive alternative to a commoditized asset class rebalancing platform or impersonal model portfolio solution. Core & Factor Portfolios target individual U.S. stocks and ADRs in one portfolio segment focusing on companies with long term competitive barriers that trade at reasonable prices. The “Factor” segment of the portfolio primarily targets Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that select and rebalance stocks based on Factor screens demonstrated in academic research to be historical drivers of returns across asset classes.

SCCA can assist advisors in implementing a liability driven approach to asset allocation for pre- and current retirees that integrates your client financial plan into our portfolio solution. The approach is designed to maximize portfolio returns in what will likely be a challenging fixed income environment over the next 5-10 years. We can provide advisors with a total portfolio management solution for clients with multiple separate accounts complete with an executable Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

During times of extreme capital markets volatility, our portfolio solution can help you when clients are nervous and re-thinking their tolerance for investment risk. Owning companies with long term competitive barriers that have not only survived but thrived during multiple bear markets can be extremely helpful during these often-critical client conversations. We are available to participate in your client calls at your request.

Above all, you can tell your clients that a CFA Charter Holder is part of your portfolio solutions team. Please fill out the information below to request our Core & Factor fact sheet. You can also download our IPS proposal form using the button below. 

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